Saturday, 26 July 2008

The Vampire

The Vampire (1987)

Midst towering peaks, its lofty spires soar
and casts long shadow son the Valley floor
below, the village lights are bright
reflected not above in darkened windowed night

and travellers past that p
lace fast sped
they keep the road and will not turn a head
to cast one look at that demanding place
less moonlight's beam lights blue a face

yet you 'neath flitting clouds still walk
where others would not breath a word or talk
about that which for which you quest so fast
where shadows move fro
m unknown ages past

down cobwebbed halls, your footsteps lightly move
down stairways stoned you quick yourself remove
to darkened vaults the
ill-lit passage bends
you're there at last, to me
et your living end

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