Saturday, 26 July 2008

The Party

The Party

Harry was there in his own private hell
small Lucy won't make it - she can't reach the bell

Julie, red-headed, red-eyed and red
and poor silly Cecil just got out of bed

A fat man who sat there and smiled smug with gin
a bald man, small sherry, not once known to grin

Cold Colin, all golfer laughed at some joke
Dave, an old hippy, no drink just a smoke

Chill Moira once pretty sat stuck in the glass
and Maria her sister a much dimmer lass

Cathy so banal with good living yearns
will she meet a Prince Charming that earns?

Tall Tony a con man who smiled to himself
and swift silent Michael foredoomed for the shelf

Dear Vernie all mixed-up complete and confused
and Boney, her husband, once funny now used

The Party fell silent as you go to bed
the night and the its sounds and the Party are dead

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