Saturday, 26 July 2008



Queen to Bishop Four and check!
(I am Black and you are white)
Queen moves to block the Queen in bed
A castle circles overhead

"Bang, bang - the enemy is down"
proudly says a Pawn-at-arms
Then crashing to the ground alas
The castle burns up all the grass

Though I was smoking as we played
my next move was - effect delayed
for on the Board of Nevermore
Bishops, Queens and Castles swore

"If I had know your reasons clear
then Checkmate - less than you might think"
But Checkmate waits in other places
Grim and grimy, oily faces

Screaming loud as you arrive
a loser from some onetime crowd
and fear the little blacks and whites
for they know not wrong from right

I would not move that pawn again
Remember things you once taught them

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