Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Untitled (Jan 86)

A laughing infant like a bubble bouncing off your knee
will wrap you in its arms protectively
and you will oversee its adolescent struggles
whilst with each teenage writhing
It will shatter your illusions
Protesteth not!
For time inevitably, brings its own conclusions

With wizened face, peering back to the gloom dead past
Savouring flickering memories lovingly
Your wrinkled hand snatches out to grasp
Yet - they're quick and trickle through your fingers
and add to your confusions
But weep ye not!
The march of time will being its own conclusions

The lips that touch; the arms, the hot embrace
The present passion of loves closest face
are scattered in the swirl of dying leaves
and with Love's passing fancies
problems gather in profusion
Do not despair!
For time, the great provider, brings its own conclusion

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