Saturday, 26 July 2008


Neanderthal (2001)

Flat nosed we eyed the mammoth herds
cold comfort from the glaciers
we knew of fire; knew of skins
but mammoth still was king of kings

To slat a mammoth - more than food
but hide and shelter and a mood
whicj made us think of our small tribe
Headman, headwomen and our scribe

These things were tried and tested true
and through millenia they grew
of tooth and axe and killing fields
we knew no other way to be

One day, it came, when THEY appeared
no scrawny hair - no raucous beard
with scrawfish in their long blond hair
they rattled spears and fed our fears

we left our caves; our dead; our paint
and trekked far North - our fate was clear
Cro-magnon man took o'er our homes
and left us reaked - mere skin and bones

so Futureman, so full of zeal
to find out what was our last meal
please spare a thought for final fall
- and say "That was Neaderthal"

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