Monday, 22 September 2008

Murder in Alexander Brody Street (Budapest 23rd October 1956)

Murder in Alexander Brody Street
(Budapest 23rd October 1956)

It started off quietly
- just a peaceful demonstration
and ended with murder in Alexander Brody Street

Singing happily, the crowds
twenty-five abreast
link arms, united together
student and soldier and factory worker
at long, long last
neighbour talks to neighbour
the veil of stifling, strangling silence
is ripped away,
and the throng thickens
and the pace quickens
as they march towards Alexander Brody Street

Meanwhile, Death dons its dark boots
....and waits

The rhythmic chanting of the slowly moving mass
mass in firmament
rises in crashing crescendo
frightened, guilty faces, peer quickly
then palidly hide
behind heavily shuttered windows -
a brick is thrown
and then another
as gaiety turns to fury -
there's murder waiting in Alexander Brody Street

A heavy machine gun stutters
and in the gathering dusk and gloom
figures crumple and fall
the crowd, as one, staggers back
A young girl, placard smashed
lays mutely in a shop doorway
covered by long, long shards of glass
and there's murder in Alexander Brody Street

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